We believe a partnership, early in a project, provides us the best opportunity to contribute to quality, value, and schedule from the first steps of design.

Our first goal is to develop the team by getting to know our client and design representatives and defining their immediate needs. Our value is also immediately measurable in conceptual project phases of design, and is apparent in our commitment to early involvement and open communication. Our staff is intentionally built for internal and external cooperation. Such interfacing of our Pre-Construction services, the Architectural design, Ownership decisions, and Project Management is typical of how we succeed.

We believe in partnerships.

Many construction organizations believe pre-construction is simply a “necessary”, but less important part of the construction process. This is not the case at SBI. Our philosophy promotes pre-construction as a top priority for our business and a viable career path for our employees. Our protocol for pre-construction services commands conscientious, calculated, and meticulous resources to deliver the most accurate and comprehensive information possible to give a project a solid foundation for success.

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