Push for Perspective

Push for Perspective

(By Stacie Ramos)


Welcome to 2018! It is time for a new year and some new perspective.

I was recently reading this excellent article by Jim Stovall and something he said caught my eye and challenged my thinking. “Every problem, challenge, inconvenience…presents us with a choice.” What an astounding way to think about the minor irritations or interruptions we experience each day. As simply an opportunity to make a choice. And what an amazing thing to have, opportunities. But what about the major things we run into on a less common occurrence? Problems or challenges that force us to push our perspective on the issue, work or personal.

The answer according to Jim, “opportunities come disguised as problems.” Okay that seems a little harder to embrace, especially when you are feeling the pressure of the problem; but honestly what a freeing way to approach the obstacle, problem or impending disaster. To realize that even if failure is inevitable, it will lead to something learned, something gained, something useable in your next “problem”. It has the potential to be your next advancement.

So, as we think about all the things we need to get done before the year even begins; change the way you are thinking about your list, from obstacle to opportunity. Embrace the challenge or setback and look for where that can lead you. As Jim reminds us, “look at the best achievements ...in your own life and mentally trace them back to their origins, you will discover the manifestation …that which does not destroy you will make you stronger.”