Football and Construction

Football and Construction

(By Stacie Ramos)


I don’t know a whole lot about football and I won’t lie… I am not really what most would call a “fan” of the sport. Football can be entertaining in person and I can attend a local game if the weather calls for it or my children ask for it. But an interesting article came across my desk that inspired the direct correlation of the two.

“Calling an Audible: 3 Tips for Redirecting a Project at the Last Minute” posted by Refresh Leadership, October 2, 2017. The author’s premise is this “Being able to change your team’s direction at crucial moments is imperative to maintain a smooth, consistent work environment.”  Ok, I’ll bite. What handy tips did the author decide to share? I have summarized below with a little bit of construction modifications. Enjoy.

  1. Assess the situation – review the overall goal of the project team or of the design. See if something has changed that is creating the perceived challenge. Verify your interpretation of the owner’s design and process is correct and then obtain as much information about the rights and the wrongs thus far. Re-evaluate and then change the implementation by the team if necessary to re-align.
  2. Be decisive and commit fully – once you have the new plan or project goal set in place, display confidence. Project teams, employees and subs will follow a “new” plan if it is communicated effectively with confidence and positivity. Each part of the team has to be fully committed to the new direction mid-movement or chances of success dwindle.
  3. Stay cool under pressure – deadlines will come and sometimes they will go. Goals are met and sometimes they aren’t. We all understand this in construction. However, staying focused until the very end and remaining cool under the pressures of the project will help ensure success.


For the full article or for the fun football references that I just didn’t get, visit the link below!