Tap Into Creative

Tap into Creative

(By Stacie Ramos)


Experienced professionals within the industry know one of the most important concepts in Design and Construction is creativity. It is critical to all functions and facets of how a structure is built.

An owner has need of a building. How will it be used? What should it look like? How can it enhance the surrounding area? The answer – creativity.

A design team has presented a project for construction. How should it be built? What is the best use of time and budget? How can we make the site work for us and not against desired progress? The answer – creativity.

While we are tempted to minimize the concept and importance of creativity simply because we feel it is overused or overemphasized - the reality is, creativity can’t be ignored or abandoned. We need it in our designs, in our construction processes and in our daily routines. It helps keep us passionate about our work and energized around others (co-workers, clients, peers).

Not feeling creative lately? Needing to tap into the creative side of your brain (yes it is there somewhere)? Then read through this info graphic and be inspired!