From Routine to Reinvigorated

From Routine to Reinvigorated

(By Stacie Ramos)


I recently read an article by Refresh Leadership that explored the concept of career apathy and breaking thru the status quo. Did you know that the average American worker will spend nearly 100,000 hours on the job in their lifetime? I know it feels like we live at work on occasion, but wow that is a lot of hours doing the same thing! Reading through some of the stats and information presented, I realized how true it is that we can sometimes fall prey to the status quo and forget to be passionate and inspired with our work.

As I processed the information in the article, and reflected on it myself; I couldn’t help but relate it to our recent office remodel here at Springfield Builders. After almost 30 years of business we are going strong and growing but even then, change is sometimes required. So read the questions below and their prompted response and see if you might need to implement a change or two into your work routine.

#1: Has your work environment grown stale? Create a change of scenery – ask to paint a wall, rearrange your desk, switch offices with a co-worker.

#2: Are you on mental autopilot? Create a challenge –a new opportunity that will challenge you mentally, physically or emotionally.

#3: Do you need an immediate overhaul? Reinvent something about yourself – do some research, weigh out options and find something that can help reinvigorate your career.

Not sure where to start? Start by reading this link and choose to be inspired.